Hulu Hits Ad Impression with 1.1 Billion Ads in October

A report like this is great considering the battle the digital fans used to have to make with record companies losing so much money. While Comcast complains about losing 500,000 subscribers, numbers like these have to be encouraging to the television content providers themselves to see that this is a legitimately viable business option…assuming they come up with something better than Hulu Plus.

Additionally, Viacom Digital jumped four slots to capture the No. 3 spot in unique viewership online in October, with 52.9 million unique viewers. Google and its YouTube subsidiary took the top spot in unique viewership, with 146.3 million unique viewers, while Yahoo Sites was No. 2, with 53.8 million viewers, Vevo was fourth with 47.6 million and Facebook was fifth with 47.4 million. Hulu came in 10th, with nearly 29.7 million viewers.