D-Link Boxee Box Reviewed at CNet


Nothing revolutionary here–love the remote, hate the lack of Hulu. We’re looking to get our very own Boxee Box soon and provide an in depth look, but for now enjoy C|Net’s opinion on it.

Basic apps like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus are promised soon, but not available yet; content holders like Hulu are blocking Boxee’s browser; double-sided remote has an assortment of usability issues; Boxee’s online TV show data is frequently outdated and incomplete; virtually no popular movies available; unorthodox design may not fit in small home theater cabinets; can’t be controlled by standard IR universal remote; can’t connect to older, non-HDMI TVs.


  • Ian Dixon had a good idea.

    Ian Dixon had a good idea. Somebody should get working on wiping the Boxee software and replacing it with Windows Embedded. Do you think the Intel CE4110 can run Media Center with transition animations (probably not 🙁  though)?

    • That would be a pretty sweet

      That would be a pretty sweet extender.  I would think that WMC would be to top heavy for boxee box’s hardware?  But anything is possible.

  • Several of the forthcoming W7

    Several of the forthcoming W7 embedded solutions demonstrated at IDF 2010 were using an Intel CE4110 so I think it is possible.