Sony NSZ-GT1 Reviewed at AnandTech

I’d love to see sales numbers for the NSZ-GT1 and Revue; can’t think the are very good because Sony dropped the price $100 a few days ago.  Besides AVRs I think Blu-ray players have the most potential as GoogleTV devices, but I have to wonder if GTV have the chops to make it in a crowded over-the-top apps market.  What do you think?

Offering unprecedented content aggregation via a consumer oriented federated search experience, the Google TV (GTV) platform is a fascinating product with incredible promise. Subsequent to its launch amidst high expectations, users have slowly come to terms with the capabilities of the software as well as the underlying hardware platform.
Without doubt, the Logitech Revue was the flagship product for Google TV at launch. However, many of its users are finding it hard to justify a dedicated device for just the functionality provided by Google TV. A detailed review of the Revue will follow in the coming weeks. However, the unanimous opinion amongst the editors at AnandTech is that Google TV could only be justified as a bundled value add-on for already existing CE devices in a HT setup. Consumers would probably be willing to pay for Google TV on devices such as TVs, Blu-Ray players, media streamers, STBs or even AV receivers.

  • Another solid review from you

    Another solid review from you Andrew! Looks like a good first generation box, but I wouldn’t consider it for anyone I know thus far. Just seems for that money there’s better that can be done.

    But still, great review 🙂

  • It will be really interesting

    It will be really interesting to see where GTV ends up 6 months from now.  With some real applications, and better OOTB experience it could be really cool.  Right now I think price is a huge issue; they are charging way to much for a feature that isn’t currently very useful.

  • I would like to see Google

    I would like to see Google emphasise the app store model more than the integrated search model.  It seems like it is a lot of work to integrate all these different UIs into a single search based system.  It also relies heavily on the keyboard which isn’t common in living rooms and isn’t something I want to deal with when I am on the couch.

    There really needs to be some app platform consolidation in the TV market becasue all these different platforms are cumbersome to program for, making the apps hard to launch.  Right now there is boxee, roku, googletv, samsung, panasonic, sharp, sony, xbox, playstation, Wii, etc. It’s a mess.  But, if google insists on using search as the main system on googletv, i don’t see it catching on.  I want an open platform OS that runs on my TV, BD player, and Cablebox so it doesn’t matter what hardware I have, i can run the pandora app on it.

  • i was shocked when i saw

    i was shocked when i saw almost a full size keyboard and no remote with the GoogleTV. I think it’s a big mistake and will make people shiver as they think about the Web-TV days, RIP.

    At the price of these units, no reason they couldn’t include both a keyboard and the remote. I know it’s first gen product, but c’mon. Small company like Boxee realized real fast they needed both and did a clever integration.