Walkthrough for Media Browser 2.2.9

Here’s a great and super detailed setup guide for the latest Media Browser, movie collection plugin for Windows Media Center. Very slick UI and some great features, although some are now pay-only.

It has been almost a year since I did my first writeup on Media Browser. Along the way there has been some pretty significant changes, so I thought with this latest release (Orion) it would be a good opportunity to revisit Media Browser. For those who don’t know, Media Browser is a popular media management plugin for Windows Media Center. It can manage your movies, TV shows, music,  and podcasts just to name a few. Media Browser can automatically retrieve metadata for all your TV shows and movies, although I recommend using a program like metabrowser (I also plan on highlighting alternatives such as YAMMM in the near future) to manage your metadata. There was talk a while back that Media Browser was going to a paid model, but the developers have decided to keep Media Browser free. There are some new features which are “pay for” features which I will discuss in a bit.