Cox Communications unveils new whole home DVR

This may sound silly, but it’s features like this that keep people with their set top boxes and not interested in devices like TiVo or HTPCs. For only $5/mo, you can stream to multiple places in the house using Cox STBs. Sure you could do that with a Media Center PC and some extenders, but there’s so much more of an upfront cost, that most people just shoo it away. That being said, I’ve been using an HTPC as my DVR for over 10 years. If I had been like most, just bought a TiVo or STB and paid the extra DVR fees, I’m sure I’d easily be well over $2000 just in the monthly fees for this service I’ve had for free.

The service has a Trio interactive program guide, 500GB of storage space on the DVR and new HD channels that are only available to those that subscribe to the Plus Package DVR system. The subscription adds $5 monthly to the bill.