Building IoT AQ Sensors / Doorbell Chimes for Ubiquiti UI Protect in Home Assistant with ESPHome

In the previous video I mentioned that I built a variety of ESP32 media speakers in Home Assistant via ESPHome to use as doorbell chimes for Unifi Protect. This video walks through the different devices, including how I ended up putting Air Quality (AQ) sensors in most of the designs. Links to STL/Code below.


  • Intro: 00:03
  • Home Assistant Protect Automation: 01:38
  • Basic Chime: 02:04
  • Basic ESPHome configuration: 03:15
  • ESP32-S3 Zero: 04:34
  • Adding Air Quality Sensors to the mix: 06:32
  • PoE AQ Chime: 08:00
  • Large display AQ Chime (T4 Q367 vs Q368): 09:48
  • Settings walkthrough: 10:59
  • Code walkthrough: 14:00
  • Oops, let’s talk about GAIN: 17:09
  • Back to the code: 18:01
  • Hardware Talk: 18:48
  • 3D Printers: 20:21
  • Some random thoughts: 21:25



3D files:


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