A Triumph for Home Automation

Last night, er… this morning, I was rudely awoken by my Google Home. But, I’m glad I was because one of our sump pumps had failed and there was water in the basement. What could have easily been a massive mess, was just a bit of water around the pit, and couple inconvenient hours as I pulled the pump out […]

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Choosing a panel

As a technology enthusiast, digging into the underlying system specifications was of particular interest to me, both for the panel and inverters. I’m not going to get into detail around the inverter debate, but based on my research I’m solidly in the “micro” side of things, given the type of system I wanted installed here. Qualifying it that way, is […]

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The battery dilemma

Going off grid is the solar power dream, right? Actually, I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. The grid is the ultimate battery backup for your solar installation. Local storage, aka batteries, are a great way to insulate your house from a grid outage or peak usage pricing, but I think for most people they probably aren’t […]

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