Ubiquiti Networks NanoSwitch (N-SW) Unmanaged Passive 24V Passthrough Switch

The new, and still in short supply, Ubiquiti Networks NanoSwitch N-SW provides 1-to-3 passive 24V passthrough Gigabit Ethernet switching for a very reasonable $40. The weatherproof form factor and -30 to 70° C (-22 to 158° F) operating temperature make it a great solution for all but the most extreme locales. But, the lack of manageability and modern power over […]

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Redbox adding UltraHD Blu-ray to kiosks

If you’re in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, New York City, or Miami Redbox will start offering UltraHD Blu-ray disc rentals at “select location” very soon. The $2.50 price is very reasonable as well. Hope they put Chicago on that list soon. 4K UHD discs are currently available at select locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, New York City […]

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Hey Samsung, accuracy matters!

I am a huge fan of HDTVTest’s reviews. Vincent does an amazing job of covering the products he looks at in fantastic depth; often with a great deal of wit as well. So I was really surprised when his apology video for a review of the 2018 Samsung Q9F/Q9FN popped up in the channel. Having watched the review earlier, I […]

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