• SVS SB-3000 Sealed Subwoofer

    SVS announced the new 3000 series subwoofers just before the 2018 holiday season. Similar to their other lines, it offers a ported (PB) and sealed (SB) version of the bass […]

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  • Homeseer HS-FS100-W Flood Sensor

    Here’s another quick review, but this time for the Homeseer HS-FS100-W flood sensor. After watching the video below, make sure that you check out how the Fibaro device handled the […]

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  • Fibaro Flood Sensor

    Going to try a new quick review format with the Fibaro Flood Sensor. Hopefully it works :). Quick device profile, note that the battery has 37% of life left after […]

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  • SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase

    I had my first chance to experience the Prime Wireless SoundBase in SVS’s CES suite about a year ago.  I can recall that even in its BETA-ness, it impressed. So […]

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  • The Rookie banner art

    The Rookie – ABC sends Castle to L.A.?

    Nathan Fillion’s new police show, The Rookie, needs to overcome the notion that it is just a veiled attempt to revive Castle.  However, starting later in the season could be […]

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  • Last Man Standing banner artwork

    Last Man Standing – Standing Tall or Falling Short?

    Cancelled after six seasons, FOX revived comedy Last Man Standing by bringing it to its own network this fall.  Still a hit with viewers when it was cancelled, many people […]

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  • Apple Screen Time

    Apple’s recent iOS12 release brought significant updates to the platform. The one I’m most interested is Screen Time. I was looking at an external parental control network device, for example […]

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Arlo enters smart doorbell market

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Arlo has entered the smart doorbell market – seems like a natural place for them to go given the rest of the lineup. What is surprising, is the $80 hardware cost, and the “free” 7 day rolling recording feature. Even if you want to up the storage and/or camera count, it’s still a […]

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igloohome Smart Padlock

I am a sucker for “smart” kit, especially something that looks well thought out. The igloohome Bluetooth Smart Padlock looks like one of these. Obviously, power is a challenge for a smart padlock, so the “Up to 1 year” of life from a CR2, isn’t bad. More importantly there are “jump” contacts, just in case it gives up. One concern […]

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