It’s official… Tesla has released their CCS adapter in the US

If you have a Tesla, this is outstanding news. First, because it dramatically expands your DCFC charging options, not that you need that in most areas. But it also, and this is the big one, severs the dependence on the Telsa Supercharger network. This might seem like a weird thing to say, out loud, but it’s actually one of the bigger reasons why I crossed Tesla off the EV shortlist. Only having one source for charging makes you captive, which isn’t a problem per se, especially because Tesla has the best network (by a long shot), unless Tesla were to take that opportunity to ratchet up the pricing. The fact that this adapter exists dramatically reduces the chance that will ever happen, without you actually needing to buy one. That said, I’m shocked that it only costs $250. It might seem like a lot, but in the context of what it does, it’s a bargain.

Expand your fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter. The adapter offers charging speeds up to 250kW and can be used at third-party charging networks.

The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most newer Tesla vehicles, while some vehicles may require a retrofit to ensure functionality with third-party CCS stations. We recommend checking that your vehicle is on the latest available software prior to signing in to your Tesla Account to verify vehicle compatibility.