Tesla Universal Wall Connector Announced

$595 isn’t the cheapest EVSE you can buy, but when you factor in the built-in J-1772 adapter that is included with Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector it’s a great solution if you already have a J-1772 EV, are planning to buy one, or already have a Tesla in the mix. All signs are pointing towards NACS long term, this provides easy support for that transition. It’s not like those J-1772 cars are going to disappear.

All that said, I suspect that other EVSE OEMs probably have something like this in the works- and I hope they do. Because competition is a great thing :).

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8 months ago

You’re absolutely right! The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is a great solution for those who already have a J-1772 EV or are planning to buy one. With the built-in adapter, it provides easy support for the transition to NACS in the long term. Plus, J-1772 cars are not going to disappear anytime soon, so it’s a wise investment for future compatibility. While it may not be the cheapest option, the convenience and versatility it offers make it worth considering.