Iomega Announces a Boxee Box–NAS but more Traditional

Well, it looks like Boxee continues to be busy! Not resting on their accomplishments or focusing on negative press, it appears Boxee and Iomega have teamed up for a more traditional device for sale. Starting at $229 sans hard drive and up to $349 for a 2TB version, this one is a much lower profile design while offering identical hardware specs to the unique D-Link version. Interesting take on the remote if you notice–which design do you prefer?

We love the idea behind a NAS device running Boxee. For people with media storage that’s running low, it’s a perfect place to expand their collections while giving them wireless / wired access to their existing collection on a TV.  The Iomega product will come with 3 different configurations: Diskless, 1TB and 2TB. If you have large HD files that are just too much for your WiFi network to handle then having them stored locally is a perfect solution.

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  • I definitely prefer the more

    I definitely prefer the more traditional design of the box itself over the D-Link Boxee Box.  Not sure about the remote though, it doesn’t have the same aesthic appeal.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in person in a few days though!

  • see, i like the D-Link

    see, i like the D-Link better. Not sure, just stands out. I know it makes stacking impossible, but the D-link is pretty small so I think i could tuck it away if I really wanted to…plus I think it’s cool 🙂