BodhiBox HD2 HTPC Review

I had never heard of the BodhiBox, but here’s a review of one of their HTPC systems. It’s really more of just a SFF system from its rather bland chassis, but nonetheless apparently is targeted at the HTPC crowd, priced at just under $1000.    Hardware specifications on the BodhiBox HD2 include an Intel Core i3-530 operating at 2.93 GHz, […]

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Boxee Box in Stores End of October

Great news this week, first the Popbox is released, and now we finally have a date (albeit a long way away) of October for the Boxee box…and yes, the remote is included in the video! Check it out! The Boxee Box will be available for sale as early as late October, according to Boxee’s chief product officer Zach Klein, who […]

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eMachines debuts snazzy Mini-e ER1402 SFF PC

Looks like eMachines is jumping on the SFF Nettop bandwagon. Priced at $299, doesn’t seem like an awful idea. And with decent enough specs, HDMI and an Nvidia graphics…maybe it can do the HTPC duties. Inside the small HTPC is an AMD Athlon II NEO CPU, GeForce 9200 graphics, and 2GB of RAM. In addition to HTPC duties, eMachines says […]

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Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop Review


When I saw the announcement of the Zino HD from Dell, I immediately thought how huge this was for the SFF market if big boy Dell was getting involved. This isn’t an HTPC-focused review, but it gives you at least an introduction into the device (at least until we can get our hands on our own!).   Hot Hardware One […]

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HP TouchSmart 600 Reviewed

HP continues onward with development of their touch-crazy TouchSmart all-in-one PC’s. While not directly an HTPC, you can see how the touch features and large 23 inch screen could fit rather nicely in a variety of environments. At $1049 however, it’s quite an investment.   CrunchGear The part that makes it stand out from other systems is, of course, the […]

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Zotac MAG SFF Nettop Review


Courtesy of my twitter friend @Vinylfreak, here’s a quick first review I’ve seen of a new nettop from Zotac. The chassis is pretty unique, and of course it utilizes the Atom chipset. Also, don’t forget to follow us @MissingRemote as well!   Big Antonio Blog CPU-wise, we’re talking dual-core Atom 330 CPU and therefore no less than four logical CPUs […]

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Asus EeeBox EB1501 ION Mini-PC


The Eee system from ASUS is a slick little box, but coming in at $500 without a Blu-ray drive is going to make a lot of people take a closer look at the competition. The gang at SPCR liked it well enough, and it is quiet and cool enough for your HTPC needs.   SPCR Most of the clips, except […]

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