What Happened to Escient Vision Media Servers?


Not sure the familiarity our audience has with Escient given its CEDIA-based marketplace, but they were known for developing their own linux-based movie and music ripping media servers. The interface was simple but effective, and they definitely had a following. CEPro is purely speculating here based on what they see and have heard, but who would blame them if all […]

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Niveus Zone Pro One-Ups The Zone


Ian Dixon had previously done a video review of the original Niveus Zone, now Gizmodo takes on the ZONE Pro unit.   Gizmodo Here are the specs: 1080p, Blu-ray drive, HDMI 1.3, eSATA, Core 2 Duo, Gigabit Ethernet and a $2000 price tag. It lands in a strange spot between performance and "HTPC-ability", as in the ability to sit nicely […]

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Portwell’s Tiny PC battles to be your next Client


I wasn’t sure whether to put this under OEM PC’s or Extenders just given the ridiculous size of this unit. Looking at the specs I’m withholding judgment until I see someone throw some actual HD content at this, but they claim it’s going to be able to handle it.   Gizmodo Measuring just 4x4x1 inches, the fanless, XP-based system operates […]

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Video: Niveus ZONE unboxing and first impressions


Ian got his hands on a Niveus ZONE Media Center and has a nice detailed video review and unboxing. Click on the link to view the video. The Digital Lifestyle Niveus produce great hi-end equipment and recently they have launched a compact (6”x6”x2”) network media player called the ZONE. The idea being that you have multiple ZONEs around the home […]

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Kaleidescape Responds to Recent Court Rulings, Will Continue Undeterred

This has been a rough week for Real Networks and Kaleidescape which had each of their respective court rulings surrounding their DVD copying technologies go against them. Kaleidescape has responded officially to the court’s decision, and no surprise here–they’re not giving up and will continue the appeals process. In the meantime you will still be able to purchases systems from […]

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Acer Aspire easyStore H340


PCMagazine has a quick review of the Acer Aspire Windows Home Server. This box is smaller than it appears and provides some great competition to the current champion HP MediaSmart Server. Coming in at a lower price with similar features, the Acer is solid but keep in mind you won’t have the HP-specific software (although a lot of those addins […]

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