S1Digital Allows HD CableCard Streaming from Media Server to Media Center


The Media Center world is buzzing right now over this press release from S1Digital, announcing being able to stream HD Cablecard content from a server to various PC clients. Keep in mind, this does give the impression it’s proprietary to S1Digital systems, but maybe they’ll have the heart to license it out for enthusiasts. This has been the only thing stopping a lot of folks from ditching MCE Extenders since that had previously been the only way to stream HD-Cablecard protected recordings from your MCE PC to another room. Will be interesting to see this in action!



In addition to being able to stream HD movies, music and any other type of content, you’ll notice that we’ve developed a cable TV over network solution – you can stream live TV from DCTs [CableCards] on our server over the network to Media Centers around the house. The Media Center will be able to watch/record TV, just as if the TV tuner was locally attached. This is huge – kind of like Softsled that keeps getting requested. So now we have the ultimate “extender." You can watch HD movies AND HDTV from one box in each room.