Fewer Unencrypted QAM & Analog Cable Channels Coming Soon

Some more bad news for you QAM users. If you have been relying on the unencrypted cable feed to obtain HD recordings in your TV or HTPC, be prepared for some changes soon. It’s unclear just how much this will impact consumers, but I’m getting kinda sick of these rulings which make life easier for the cable company and hurt the consumer.


But once cable operators begin down this path thanks to the exemption granted Monday, they will hand out these cheap DTAs (Digital to Analog Adapters) to the basic & extended basic cable customers (those without DVRs) to tune their channels. This will allow the cable companies to speed the ending of those remaining analog channels – the ones you can tune without a cable box. It will also allow those cable companies who still have many of their QAM (digital) channels unencrypted (don’t require a cable box) to encrypt everything except for the local channels.