Okoro OMS-BX300 home theater PC delivers high performance, high price


Pretty feature filled OEM Media Center here, and I love the unique option of allowing the customer to select SageTV if they prefer it over Windows Media Center. $3100 gets you the box but it doesn’t look like it comes with the cablecard tuners themselves.



To record video off those cards, the OMS-BX300 includes a pair of 2TB hot-swappable hard drives in RAID Level 1 configuration; it also comes with a 64GB solid state drive, no doubt to speed up boot times. A pair of Blu-ray drives handle recordable media duties, and the Radeon HD 4850’s 7.1 LPCM audio support lets you output surround sound audio via HDMI. Other connections include component-video, S-video and optical audio outputs. Finally, you get the option to get SageTV Media Center 6.5 pre-installed if you’re not a Windows Media Center fan.