BeyondTV Plus MediaPortal vs SageTV – Redux Part 1

Great guest writeup over at GeekTonic regarding head to head battle of BeyondTV and SageTV. This user has some serious investments in both applications and it shows in the detail of the writeup. Lots of information to digest but a good read if you’ve been considering either HTPC software application. And if you’re in need of more head to head, check out our review of MythTV to the same SageTV.


Now I felt the time was right for a head to head comparison. I have BeyondTV 4.9.2 working as good as it is capable and Media Portal 1.0 tweaked out to my liking. I was however seeing some signal quality issues with over the air recordings so I wanted a second opinion. For this comparison I did some research first, and followed the Geek Tonic guide for SageMC installation. This article covers my notes and impressions of SageTV vs BeyondTV/Media Portal. It encompasses about 40 hours of direct SageTV tweaking and research. Unfortunately that compares to over a thousand hours of BTV and MP experience, so take this as a familiarity biased comparison, honest as I will try to be.