S1Digital P500 Media Center


Here’s a quick and dirty "review" of the S1Digital P500 Media Center. In fairness, it really is more of an overview than an intense review, but it gives you a good overview of what’s included. S1Digital has built a great reputation for themselves and looks like it’s continuing on with this one.   Electronic House The thing is dead quiet. […]

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LG XPION X30 nettop with NVIDIA Ion


Not to be left out in the SFF battle royale, LG appears to be releasing their own super small ION-based system. The design is pretty uninspiring but designed to mount behind your display so shouldn’t have to be seen.   SlashGear Something we’ll seldom argue with is a super-compact desktop PC with the bonus of NVIDIA’s Ion GPU, and so […]

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ASUS Home Server TS mini On the Way?


Looks like ASUS is jumping into the smaller Home Server markets with a tiny 2-drive setup. I think the more hard drives continue to increase the more you’ll see the popularity of these smaller devices. Pretty nice with a glossy finish to capture all your fingerprints.   WeGotServed Two hard drive bays may be a limitation for some, and would […]

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Envive unveils 4TB Green TheaterStation


Is it just me or does this chassis remind anyone of the old Alienware HTPC that was released a few years back? Either way, I like the small form factor. I’ve never seen the Envive software in action, but it looks pretty slick, although I’m not sure it includes support for HD movies.   SlashGear The company has announced a […]

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Fujitsu Joins in the SFF Client with its Q1500


First Dell, then Lenovo and now Fujitsu is joining in the fun with releasing a small form factor client system. Unlike Lenovo however, this one seems to be marketed towards business users. However, the specs are solid, and the utilization of the Intel GMA 4500MHD chipset should make it a very solid HTPC client to keep in mind.   SlashGear […]

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Mvix Minx HD Home-Theater


Nice price point on a small client device here from Mvix, but I’d be concerned about the power sacrifices you’re making by not going ION here as the AMD Dualcore CPU is almost certainly going to draw more watts than a comparable Atom chip. But it’s small enough. Full specs through the link.   eHomeUpgrade Unlike the current crop of […]

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