Acer Aspire easyStore H340


PCMagazine has a quick review of the Acer Aspire Windows Home Server. This box is smaller than it appears and provides some great competition to the current champion HP MediaSmart Server. Coming in at a lower price with similar features, the Acer is solid but keep in mind you won’t have the HP-specific software (although a lot of those addins can be had via 3rd party offerings such as Lights Out!).



The $350 (street) Acer H340 is a black box with a hinged plastic panel front that covers a four drive bay. The only feature that makes it stand out is gray corner which includes power, Ethernet and warning lights. Each drive has a LED in the front panel, numbered one through four, which change color if the drives are not working or formatted. Blue means everything is working fine. On the back, there are four USB ports, an Ethernet port and e-SATA port.