DVD sales falling and Blu-ray Sales Up 91 Percent…Coincidence??

It’s debateable if this report is because of blu-ray or because of the poor economy. I would lean towards the former as people are realizing they don’t need to really OWN a disc if you can just rent it or stream it from Netflix for the price of 1 movie owned per month.


New data released Thursday by the Digital Entertainment Group, an industry trade organisation, showed that movie rental revenue rose 8 per cent in the first half of the year. This was the industry that many had written off because Hollywood said it had been killed off by P2P piracy. At the same time, sales of DVDs have fallen by 13.5 per cent. DVDs have providing the biggest chunk of movie revenue. Sales started slipping last year, however, proving a serious threat to studios’ bottom lines. Blu-ray disks and digital distribution over the Internet have grown but not enough to make up for the DVD slump.

And in related news, another report on Blu-rays has come out that states those sales are up 91%–a pretty astounding number considering the prices on discs and players is still high. I anticipate this to keep rising as more people invest in that $98 walmart blu-ray player.


Sales of Blu-ray discs rose 91 percent to $407 million in the first half of 2009, according to the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG). Nearly 20 million Blu-ray discs shipped in the second quarter alone. Blu-ray hardware sales surpassed two million units in the first half, marking nearly 25 percent growth over the same period from 2008. According to DEG, there are nearly 11 million Blu-ray devices in homes in the U.S., including PlayStation 3 consoles. Nearly 75 percent of those units are BD-Live compatible.