Bose SoundLink Stereo Streams Tunes Wirelessly


If you like spending too much money on average sound equipment (depending on who you ask), then you’re going to love this news! Hey, at least stylistically it’s better than the old Bose…right?



The system even includes a built-in, rechargable battery that enables it to accept streams and play back music away from an AC outlet for up to three house at maximum volume or slightly more at reduced levels. The SoundLink also features a proprietary acoustics package, which combines the company’s waveguide speaker technology and neodymium transducer. There’s even an infrared remote control tossed in to operate the volume and power from afar, and it can even send signals to systems which can accept IR in order to change the track, etc. If you’ve too far away, there’s a convenient 3.5mm aux jack that enables portable media players and other audio sources to be connected directly. As with most Bose units, this one too is priced steeply at $549.95, and it should start shipping at the tail end of August.