Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 BETA – Includes enhancements for Windows 7-based computers


This has been long time rumored and good to see it’s finally announced.  The next update to Windows Home Server looks to include an awful lot for Media Center users, which is always a good sign. TV Archive will let you move or compress your television recordings to your WHS, while Console View gives you a 10′ look at your server. There’s also some Windows7 Enhancements as well…looks like a pretty full upgrade!

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The TV Archive tile in Windows Media Center will give users the option to move recorded TV content to the home server in a variety of resolutions. The recorded TV shows are archived in the correct resolution for the type of device that will be used for playback. TV Archive is optimized for Windows Media Center computers, Windows Mobile-based phones, and the Zune player, however, any device capable of playing WMV files can take advantage of this feature.