HP Gives The iMac Some Competition


The new TouchSmart PC from HP looks pretty dang snazzy. It has certainly got me interested as a computer that would be very handy in the kitchen or family room for a family to use. The touchscreen applications look very well thought out and of course very Apple like. Now if it can hook into Vista MCE GUI for streaming from another computer, you will really grab my attention.

From the article:

The main screen on the TouchSmart is like a configurable message board. You can decide what information is displayed – you can have a calendar, the weather forecast, you’re music library etc. It’s all very similar to the widgets that Apple introduced with Tiger, but there is one very cool feature that appealed greatly to me – a virtual Post-It note. With just the use of your index finger, you can create a sticky note, write a message on it, the paste it to the main screen of the TouchSmart.