P2P Enabled PVR

The Distributed DVR part of the announcement which enables sharing in a home network of PVRs seems a little more realisic and I hope makes it to market. The P2P announcement which enables sharing of content with other subscribers seems a little ambitous for this lawyer happy world. However, it may slide by if commercials are kept in place, and […]

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Vista DRM Cracked?

I am always skeptical of DRM cracked claims until verfied more then a few times. Given all the fluff about Vista DRM over the last few weeks, its interesting to see it get another shot in the ole family jewels. The hack in question bypasses the PMP, which is designed to degrade the quality of playback without the proper hardware. From […]

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Xbox 360 HD-DVD Interview

[H]ard Console has an interview up today featuring the member of the Xbox Console and Consumer Software team. It gives pretty interesting detail on HD DVD add-on. Just as a reminder, the Xbox 360 add-on player can be used with PCs. For less then two hundred dollars, you can enable your HTPC to be a high def DVD player. From […]

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How to Fix Commercial Skip within Vista


For those of you unaware, ever since XP Media Center 2005, there has been this fantastic application called "DVRMS Toolbox," which had a bunch of tools to analyze DVRMS files recorded by Media Center and cut/edit/compress/etc. The only feature I use but found difficult to live without is the Commercial Skip Feature. This does exactly what it suggests, it analyzes […]

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MCESoft Updates MCE Plugins

Just the beginning in what I'm sure's a bunch of developers updating their software to work with the slick new Vista plugin interface. Here we've got the following now working in Vista: System Monitor for Vista MediaCenter: This HTML Addin collects and displays data from SpeedFan (including System/CPU Temperature info) and displays it in TV + Remote friendly format. RocketBoom […]

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JVC’s latest 32, 37, and 42-inch 120HZ LCD TVs

JVC's got some new LCD's coming out with a rather nice feature set. Contrast ratio's not available, but I'm sure we'll learn more by the time these are ever released. All models feature a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness, built-in terrestrial digital tuner, and a range of input/output terminals including 1x HDMI, 3x composite, 1x RGB, 2x Firewire, […]

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Updated: Big Screen Contacts v0.9.1

Update for the super sexy Big Screen Contacts app. For those that are unaware of what it does: Big Screen Contacts allows you to browse, view and search your Contacts via your TV (via 10' MediaCenter interface) – and integrates with Windows Contacts provided by Windows Vista. Via Windows Contacts – you can also import contacts from Microsoft Office 2003/2007, […]

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OPPO V5 Introduced


OPPO is very well know for their upscaling DVD players (read our review here) and up to 5 minutes ago that was the only thing they were well known for. I would have guessed their next product would have been some sort of high def DVD player, but I was wrong. It looks like they are going to make a […]

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Thermaltake TMG A3 Silent CPU cooler

Finding the right CPU cooler is a tough thing, and once you finally find one you love, it's tough to switch. But if you just want an inexpensive one that provides quieter functions than stock, check this one out, coming in at only $20.  If you own an AMD64 then this will fit it as it fits on the standard […]

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