Vista DRM Cracked?

I am always skeptical of DRM cracked claims until verfied more then a few times. Given all the fluff about Vista DRM over the last few weeks, its interesting to see it get another shot in the ole family jewels. The hack in question bypasses the PMP, which is designed to degrade the quality of playback without the proper hardware.

From the article:

Unfortunately, with almost 0% use for the open source community (which can use test signing mode for their drivers), documenting my method and/or releasing a sample might be viewed as an anti-DRM tool, and defintely a DMCA violation. Although used on its own, this POC doesn’t do anything or go anywhere near the PMP (I don’t even have Protected Media, HDMI, HD-DVD, nor do I know where PMP lives or how someone can intercept decrypted steams), a particularly nasty group of lawyers could still somehow associate the DMCA to it, so I’m not going to take any chances.