Westinghouse & Toshiba LCD Display Reviews


I came across both TV reviews around the same time so figured I'd post them together. One is a Westinghouse 46" 1080i LCD, and the other a more modest Toshiba REGZA 37" LCD TV. Both will cost around $2000, but it looks like the Toshiba's reviewers like theirs more than the Westinghouse.     The LTV-46w1 features a 46" viewing […]

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Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-ray player

Trusted Reviews has the Panasonic DMP-BD10 up for review today. Just the fact it supports 1080p and DVD Audio means this player has a lot going for it. However, like many first generation players their are a lot of features that have been omitted that are part of the advanced 'Level 2' Blu-ray specs. Check out page 2 in their […]

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Build Your Own HTPC/PVR


I really like these types of articles, even if I don't agree with everything said, mostly because a lot of times it will give people ideas they didn't think of, or create debate amongst other users. he doesn't really go a route I'd recommend–using an old computer like this is just going to make you want to improve anyways, so […]

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Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500 MCE Review

With all the new Hauppauge Vista tuners coming soon, I'm not sure why Virtual-Hideout is reviewing the PVR-500MCE which has been around for a few years. But, nonetheless, I'm sure there's still plenty people out there trying to decide on a tuner NOW. But if you can wait, it'll be curious to see how Hauppauge's new tuners stack up. Although […]

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Hands On With Netflix Downloads

Netflix getting into the online distribution is really common sense. They have such a loyal user base that will try anything. AND, it helps that nobody else has really taken a grasp of this market (ok…maybe Apple a bit, but still needs improvement). It works fine — easy installation, no interruptions during the stream. Video quality is good. But the […]

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Vidabox offer CableCard as well as Blu-ray and HD DVD

GARDEN CITY, NY – January 23rd – VidaBox, a manufacturer of premium media center systems, is delighted to announce that it will be offering a new CableCARD option to its line of media center products.  With dual internal digital cable receivers, VidaBox CableCARD systems will not only feature integrated tuning for premium high definition digital content, but users can also […]

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Driving the HD DVD Juggernaut:


High-Def Digest has a very thorough interview with Microsoft's Amir Majidimehr. Amir is the corporate VP of the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division and as the article mentions he is also the unofficial chearleader for the HD DVD format. The interview does a great job of filling in the gaps of where Microsoft fits into the HD DVD picture. They […]

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