HDTV Buyer’s Guide


Back when I used to sell HDTV's (a long time ago) I was always surprised how many people came into the store with ZERO knowledge of HDTV's but ended up buying a $2k TV (with of course the $400 service plan ;-P). Articles like this are great if you're just beginning…just make sure you double check with us before buying […]

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The Micro-PCs: How Useful Are They?

The almighty [H]ardocp as an interesting editorial up on the state of Micro-PCs. This is something I have been following closely as I think a micro-pc could find a very useful spot in a home theater/digital home setup. Check out their editorial and see what you think. From the article: My first hands-on impression of these computers was that they […]

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Logitech Harmony 720 Universal Remote


The Harmon 720 falls below the 880 in the Harmony heirarchy. The 720 still gets you the same activity based functions as all harmony remotes but they layout is different. The remote isn't the nice peanut shape that is on the higher end remotes but should still get the job done. From the article: I have spent a good deal […]

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Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600


There are not too many players in the "macro/activity" remote market. The Pronto line of remotes from Philips is on of them and it is evident why they remain a player. The screen in the TSU9600 is a 3.7" 640X480 screen with 20 hard keys surrounding it. From the article: The Hardware Picking it up for the first time, the […]

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Projector Central Review: BenQ W10000

Perhaps you want something with true 1080p technology? For $6,000, the BenQW10000 might fit the bill. This DLP projector has an 8 segment 5X rotation color wheel that should make rainbows a thing of the past. Other notables include a 1080p HDMI input, and a 1.35:1 powered zoom/focus lens. One of the first things I look for in a projector […]

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What Is Meant by “Home Theater-In-A-Box”?

The basics of basics are what About.com is all about. The options for getting started out in the home theater hobby and be somewhat daunting and many choose to go the route of a HTIB (Home Theater In A Box). As the name suggests, you get all of your audio needs packaged in one box from the reseller. They usually […]

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Indigo Home Automation (MAC Home Automation)


Home Automation is still in its infancy, but it will no doubt get a lot more interest in the neat future. Of course, we can't leave out the Mac in this revolution. Enter Indigo, a home automation application for the Mac lover in your life. It looks like your typical HA package, it supports remote control from other Macs, PCs […]

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Oppo Digital DV-981HD Upscaling DVD Player


Oppo is a name that has been getting quite a bit of recognition in the past two years. They make high quality DVD players with an affordable price. Their latest is rather unique, it is designed to be a digital only solution. After the review, you may want to check out the blog post on HQV benchmarking the Nvidia's GeForce 7-series video cards. Read […]

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