Projector Central Review: BenQ W10000

Perhaps you want something with true 1080p technology? For $6,000, the BenQW10000 might fit the bill. This DLP projector has an 8 segment 5X rotation color wheel that should make rainbows a thing of the past. Other notables include a 1080p HDMI input, and a 1.35:1 powered zoom/focus lens. One of the first things I look for in a projector review is fan noise and fortunately this one is quiet.

From the article:

The W10000 is a bright projector, when compared to its direct competition. Our test unit measured 650 ANSI lumens in Home Theater mode, with the lamp on high and the manual iris fully open. With the iris closed halfway, our test unit measured 500 ANSI lumens, but had a much deeper black level. In low lamp mode, lumen output dropped about 20%, to 377 ANSI.

Contrast is superb, and one of the W10000's strongest features. Even with the iris only halfway closed, black level is inky and deep, and shadow detail is distinct and well-defined. This gives the image good "pop," and lends to the appearance of three-dimensionality. However, default gamma settings resulted in dark, closed mid-tones. Gamma adjustment by an ISF technician can correct this problem. As with overscan, the gamma controls are located in the service menu and not available to the user