Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600


There are not too many players in the "macro/activity" remote market. The Pronto line of remotes from Philips is on of them and it is evident why they remain a player. The screen in the TSU9600 is a 3.7" 640X480 screen with 20 hard keys surrounding it.

From the article:

The Hardware Picking it up for the first time, the unit is probably smaller and lighter than you'd imagine. The finish is glossy piano black with a silver brushed effect surround. The stylus stores inside the unit like a PDA or SmartPhone, but it doesn't lock into place very well, although I haven't needed to use it so far apart from calibrating the screen on initially booting the device. The 3.7" 640×480 (VGA) screen is beautiful, as you'd expect in an £800 remote, and it sits flush with its surround which helps to give it a great viewing angle. The tilt sensor brings on the backlight when its lifted just like the Sonos controller. There are over 20 hard keys around the unit which are on the whole excellent. It's great to have a proper cursor pad in particular when using it with devices like TiVo. Strangely the scroll ring around the cursor pad is currently only used for Escient media servers and is un-addressable in the software for any other device. I've also find the hard keys directly under the screen for Play, Stop Pause etc are a little too small…