Sharp XV-Z20000 1080p DLP projector


The obvious question: Is the $11,999 Sharp an overpriced dinosaur in the age of $5,000, 1080p projectors? My answer is an unequivocal no. As impressive as some of those new, less expensive projectors are, my experience with them so far suggests that the Sharp produces a more detailed, vibrant picture. As with all things, there is a law of diminishing […]

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Yahoo Demos “My Channel” @ CES (Go TV MIA)


If you're waiting to hear some news about Meedio, sorry, but this isn't it. Yahoo!'s a weird company, they buy a great HTPC software package, and then completely let it die, and then develop their own stuff that could have easily been incorporated with what they had. Go figure. I assumed the other flat panel would have Go TV — […]

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Price: The Only Feature That Matters

Chris Lanier reviews what it's going to take to get Vista MCE to be a fully mainstream HTPC for most consumers, and surprise, it's Price that's the important thing. He has a nice breakdown of some good price ranges for different system purposes. We need a few different price points as Vista gets here. $800-$900 – Cable Ready PCs.  These […]

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Toshiba Readies Millions of HD DVD Players

If I had to guess, and frankly I often do, 2007 will likely be the year that decides which format wins. I would rather declare that in January a winner will be decided so we can get on with this whole mess. Until then, the war wages on. With the Blu-ray war machine chuggin on, HD DVD looks to counter […]

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HD DVD Title and Volume Keys Released

Title and Volume Keys for HD DVD are now floating around the internet. There are also reports of movies showing up on pirate torrents. Currently no response from the movie industry has been seen in the press. We'll have to wait and see whether or not the existing software players will have their keys revoked and if the industry plans […]

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EchoView Wireless Video Adapter

This wireless video adapter would be an interesting way to get computer video on your TV. However, as well all know, there are no guarantees in the wireless world. Never expect a wireless product to work, there are just too many scenarios to know for sure. The product itself looks to be very easy to use and install, with the […]

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Cyberlink MagicSports


Update 01-15-2007 Mike has updated this article to include a look at how well it works with a baseball game! I recently got my hands on Cyberlink's latest in sports television analyzing software. What, you ask, is that? It's actually pretty cool software which can analyze your recorded sports (currently limited to only Soccer & Baseball) and mark highlights for […]

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