Reviewing Home Theater Reviews

This next article is somewhat relevant, only because we are starting to dabble our feet into the home theater review pond. Even though Audioholics presents a holier then though attitude, in the end they do make a few valid points about some of the reviews we see around the net. What did you guys think of our first ht review? […]

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Matrox Announces New Remote Graphics Unit


IMagine having your Media Server anywhere in your house? The Matrox Extio can drive up to four monitors while your computer resides over 820' away. To round out your remote desktop experience, Matrox supplies 6 USB ports, 2 IEEE 1394a ports, and three audio ports. It certainly seems like a dream come true, however pricing and cabling may put this […]

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The Daily Button

Welcome to today's copy of The Daily Button! Many big thanks goes out to LehigBri for the suggestion! I think this deserves a round of applause. Now to try and spice things up a little to make it easier to read, always easier said than done :).   The Daily Button   Deal News: 500GB hard drive for $139.99 at […]

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