iTV becomes Apple TV

That's right everyone! Apple TV is here! I am time limited, so head on over to engadget and read the story for the scoop. You may also take a look at the new iPhone! From the article:  Well now we know that iTV has officially become Apple TV. It's real folks: we got 802.11 b/g AND 802.11n, USB 2.0, Ethernet, […]

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Zalman HD135 HTPC Enclosure

In a day sure to be dominated by CES product release news, Bit-Tech goes against the norm & releases their review of the new Zalman HD135 HTPC case. So how do they like it compared to how SilentPCReview did (or should I say, didn't?) The HD135 is an incredible little case, with very little to fault about it. Zalman has […]

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CES: January 9th


gizmodo: Nextgen Home: Push Those Buttons, Never Get Up Again  Connecting all your media, lighting, security systems and even your washing machine was the theme of this year's Nexgen Home, where the new addition is Windows Vista and Lifeware 2.0 software. The extra convenience is Vista's native support of WSD (Web Services for Devices), which amounts to USB on Ethernet […]

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