Zalman HD135 HTPC Enclosure

In a day sure to be dominated by CES product release news, Bit-Tech goes against the norm & releases their review of the new Zalman HD135 HTPC case. So how do they like it compared to how SilentPCReview did (or should I say, didn't?)

The HD135 is an incredible little case, with very little to fault about
it. Zalman has once again lead the way in both design and
functionality, leaving very little to be desired. The HD160, its older
and bigger cousin, seems to have been the learning platform, as many
improvements have been made to create the HD135. Saying this, it is
worth considering that the HD135 is much pickier of the hardware you
can put inside it, even if it is compatible with full size ATX. An
unusually tall graphics card for example, with it's own quiet cooling
solution is likely to foul the lid. So match it carefully with
hardware, preferably the tested and proven Zalman items recommended for
it, and you can go little wrong.

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