NETFLIX to offer online streaming content – no extra charge

In a bold move, Netflix will offer free streaming of movies to its subscribers. Entry level ($5.99) plan subscribers will recieve 6 hours of free streaming per month. Unlimited 3-at-Once ($17.99) subscribers will recieve 18 hours of free streaming per month. Initial offerings will consist of about 1000 titles and Netflix is claiming DVD-quality images if you have a 3 Mbit/s […]

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The Homemade Star Trek Theater


This story is for all of the Trek fans out there. No doubt this guy is far more dedicated to Star Trek then I am, has built theater meand to replicate the command bridge of a Star Trek shift. What is equally amazing is that he did this with only a $15,000 budget. From the article: First, he built a […]

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Samsung Announces 2nd Gen Blu-ray Player


Continuing on with our hig def DVD coverage, Trusted Reviews is reporting that Samsung is set to release their second generation player. I am sure Samsung wants to quietly move on from their some what questionable first gen player and release a player that doesn't reek of a hurried release. Upgrades include HDMI 1.3 connection and a nice $200 drop. […]

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HomeSeer Unveils “MyHomeSeer-Connect” Remote Access Service

Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new remote access service, “MyHomeSeer-Connect”. The new service simplifies the process of setting up remote internet connections to monitor and control lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video systems in HomeSeer-enabled homes. The new service is specifically designed for homeowners with standard DSL, cable and dial-up internet connections and should be […]

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BDP-S1 Firmware Update


Now when the approach to launching hardware is fix it later with firmware I am somewhat worried. The lates batch of players certainly suffer from this problem. At any rate, sooner or later they end up getting an acceptable player out, and Sony seems to be getting closer. The improvements are really quite nice and include the following: Improves BD-Java […]

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Dynaudio Focus Loudspeaker Review


Secrets has a great looking set of speakers up for review today. Outfitting your home theater with these speakers would be around $6k, which is pretty reasonable for a dedicated home theater system. Although, thats a lot of movie tickets ;). Its hard to get a feeling for a set of speakers by reading a review. You really don't know […]

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Toshiba HD-A2 Review


Toshiba's latest volly in the format wars is thier second generation player. The A2 is priced at a somewhat affordable $499 and offers a few features that are making ealry adopters wish they had waited. Well sort of, the A2 doesn't does not include 1080p output, you will have to wait for the A20 and expect a 100 dollar adder […]

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