Samsung Announces 2nd Gen Blu-ray Player


Continuing on with our hig def DVD coverage, Trusted Reviews is reporting that Samsung is set to release their second generation player. I am sure Samsung wants to quietly move on from their some what questionable first gen player and release a player that doesn't reek of a hurried release. Upgrades include HDMI 1.3 connection and a nice $200 drop.

From the article:

and this is it, the BD-P1200. The big news is it adds HDMI 1.3 for ‘Deep Colour’ support/ higher frame rates/automatic audio and video synching and lossless audio. A ‘Hollywood Quality Video’ processor is also onboard with Sammy keen to stress it is comparable with the ones professional film production companies use and both Ethernet and HDMI connectivity make an appearance. Furthermore, the new player has been given a face lift to match the company’s high end 65 series of HD LCD TVs.