The Homemade Star Trek Theater


This story is for all of the Trek fans out there. No doubt this guy is far more dedicated to Star Trek then I am, has built theater meand to replicate the command bridge of a Star Trek shift. What is equally amazing is that he did this with only a $15,000 budget.

From the article:

First, he built a scale model of the room, which served as his blueprint. The fine details he would figure out as he went along. The walls went up, the floor went down. And although the basement only offered 71⁄2 feet of height, he added a riser for a back row of seats, bringing the ceiling height there down to 7 feet. There would be no digging an extra couple of feet down like in some expensive projects. A water heater was moved, but a water meter right in line with a side wall was simply boxed over to appear as part of the ship’s architecture. An all-important fire extinguisher was placed behind a metal door in the back, which also blends in with the decor.