MythTV for PS3 – Turn your PS3 into a PVR/TiVo

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to hook a PVR card into a PS3. I am surprised it took so long, in fact I am surprised no one has tried this with SageTV. This article uses the Plextor DivX and MythTV to get the job done. If anyone has tried this with SageTV let me know 🙂

The article is very vague, if you have seen a more detailed story. Send it in to

From the article:

The PX-TV402U is the world’s first DivX Certified PVR. Recording video in the DivX format gives users the ability to record 3 times as much video as normal without sacrificing quality. It also gives you the ability to record video into resolutions perfectly suited for playback on portable and handheld devices. The PX-TV402U contains an integrated high quality TV tuner to assure the highest quality video. The PX-TV402U is an external USB 2.0 device which connects to a PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP.