Bye Bye Standby

Let's hope this works a lot better than the standard standby that has caused millions of headaches for users, and many tears for us MCE users when our HTPC doesn't "wake up" and record Desperate Housew….errr…..Football games.   Bye Bye Standby is a brand new energy saving solution designed to reduce daily energy consumption of electrical devices. Bye Bye Standby works […]

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Where Does the Media Center PC (or HTPC) Belong?

We've had some rumblings in the forums after the last post regarding replacing your STB (Set top box) with an Xbox360, and whether it'll happen or not. Chris Lanier posts some thoughts as to Media Centers in general, and where they're really intended. With Extenders growing, is there really a need to have the full blown system close to your […]

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More Sideshow from ASUS

We're all kinda just being teased with promises of what SideShow can do. I can't wait til hardware developers really get a grasp of the capabilities of it & then we really see some amazing devices. With the release date of Windows Vista™ drawing ever closer, ASUSTek Computer Inc. (ASUS) is now offering 4 motherboard models that are designed especially […]

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The Media Center Show #92 – & Extra: CES Part 3

This guy's a machine. Coming straight outta England, here's Ian Dixon's latest Media Center Show Podcast. As if you hadn't heard enough about CES, Ian finishes up his CES podcasts with the following: Show Times: 00:36 Coming up this week 01:21 Email – How to fix up your tags – Album Art fixer 02:44 Email – GPRocks.Net 04:02 List of […]

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Velodyne Review DD-18 Subwoofer System


Weighing in at a little over 120 lbs and sporting a price tag of just under $5,000, you certainly expect pretty good sound from a sub-woofer in this price range. It is the first time, granted I don't look at a lot of expensive subs, that I have seen an on screen display for setting up your sub. Certainly it […]

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Expert Interview: 720p vs 1080p

I was surprised to read the first part of the article that suggested 720p could be better then 1080p. Perhaps because of chased after the holy grail of resolutions for so many years that it is inconceivable to my ears that anyone could suggest such a notion. Then I saw, the interview was with a marketing manager. From the article: […]

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Give your Beyond TV a new look


Looking to jazz up your BTV interface? Well the in your luck, The Snapstream Blog is showing off a few of the community made skins to help improve the look.  You can check out all the pic by following this link. Update: I deleted a portion of my post here. As was pointed out to me, BTV has a very […]

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