Expert Interview: 720p vs 1080p

I was surprised to read the first part of the article that suggested 720p could be better then 1080p. Perhaps because of chased after the holy grail of resolutions for so many years that it is inconceivable to my ears that anyone could suggest such a notion. Then I saw, the interview was with a marketing manager.

From the article:

I think that there is a good deal of confusion that arises in comparisons between DLP 720p and 1080p solutions. First, the current assumption that 1080p is always the “better” choice relies completely on the assumption that resolution is the most important indicator of overall performance—an assumption that really does not hold up in many situations. In fact, a recent SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) study found that the four aspects of a picture that the human eye “sees”—in order of importance – are:

  1. Contrast Ratio/Dynamic Range
  2. Color Saturation
  3. Colorimetry/Color Temperature or Grayscale
  4. Resolution