OEM pricing for Windows Vista comes into focus

Who wants to pay retail prices? Well who really wants to pay for anything? Ars has the scoop on what on how much you can expect to pay for an OEM copy of Windows. The big savings come into play with Vista Business and Ultimate where you can shave off over 50 dollars from the retail upgrade price.

From the article:

Insane discounts? It's a mix, really. Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium OEM are priced the same as the retail upgrade editions, meaning that your average do-it-yourself system builder isn't going to save much with an OEM purchase provided he has an old copy of Windows laying around to validate the upgrade.

The Business and Ultimate editions are priced significantly better in their OEM forms, both a full $60 cheaper than the comparable upgrade (for instance, Vista Ultimate upgrade has a MSRP of $259).