Give your Beyond TV a new look


Looking to jazz up your BTV interface? Well the in your luck, The Snapstream Blog is showing off a few of the community made skins to help improve the look.  You can check out all the pic by following this link.

Update: I deleted a portion of my post here. As was pointed out to me, BTV has a very open API for including functionality to BTV. The users have done a great job in adding functionality. Click the link to find out more about this. I was referring more to being able to adjust the actualy layout of the screen. I don't consider this a big deal because the current UI is very friendly (see our review for more info) and very easy to use but its always nice to see what sort of different layouts users can come up. Meedio was a perfect example of this.

Update #2: I apologize for not having the screencast up. I am preparing for a move and dismantled my live HTPC and I am unable to receive HD in my office across the house. I will try and set something up here in the near future. Nothing worse then living on the fringe of HD signals.