CES 2007: VIA


I guess I was asleep at the wheel when I was browsing through our submitted news. Courtesy of Lothar The Submitter, XYZ Computing explores what VIA has in store for the next year. It looks like it will be a great year for the tiny computer enthusiasts. A thin client the size of a CD certainly would improve the WAF. […]

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Commercial DVR Software Comes to Desktop Linux


SAN DIEGO, CA (January 18, 2007) /PRNewswire/ — Linspire, Inc. developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and Freespire, the community desktop Linux operating system, and SageTV, a pioneer in personal video recording and home media center technologies that combine television, music and related media into a complete, easy-to-use home media experience, today announced the […]

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Silverstone CW01-WD MediaPC/HTPC


Getting back to our DIY roots, is Ztremetech's review of a newer Silverstone chassis dubbed the CW01-WD. I really have not seen much talk about the newer Silverstone cases, however, I do know the Crown series represents their higher end offerings. Rather then have a LCD in your case, Silverstone thought it might spice things up to show the harddrive. […]

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Toshiba 47LZ196 Regza 47-inch LCD HDTV


Once upon a time, in a not so distant land, LCDs were considred the red-headed step child of the TV world. Poor response times (motion issues) and iffy blacks that looked alot like grey never thrust LCDs into the forefront of HT news. However, the last year as brought resolution to these problems. Of course, not all TV's are created equal. […]

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