Rotel RB-1092 Stereo (500 Watts/Channel) Class D (Switching) Power Amplifier


I guess today's range of articles require some sort of degree to get through today. Continuing with this trend is SOFHIFI (Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity) tackle a Class D amplifier. If you are familiar with the amplifier naming convention you will know that D is simply the next letter in the alphabet and is not significant, however, they are considered digital amplifiers. Class D amplifiers use a switching circuit to create the waveform. A very fast switch or jolt is able to mimic a waveform. In the past there are have been some problems with sound quality, which is not hard to imagine with a switching circuit trying to mimic the necessary waveform. As always, there are advances in technology to overcome these limitations.

From the article:

We are seeing more choices now of smartly designed, quality components that deliver the goods without taking up too much space. It doesn't come absolutely cheap however, for $2500 only gets you two channels. Of course that is two channels of virtually bottomless power mind you.

In fact, the power delivered by this amp was astounding and the B&W 804 towers are able to throw forward some serious sound when pushed hard. I never found myself wishing for more power or being fatigued with extended listening even with my heavier discs.