Silverstone CW01-WD MediaPC/HTPC


Getting back to our DIY roots, is Ztremetech's review of a newer Silverstone chassis dubbed the CW01-WD. I really have not seen much talk about the newer Silverstone cases, however, I do know the Crown series represents their higher end offerings. Rather then have a LCD in your case, Silverstone thought it might spice things up to show the harddrive. They have left a window open to allow for a mounting of a RaptorX HD. Interesting if not speedy.

From the article:

First let us get the bad out of the way, not a major problem, but something you should be warned about. To get the main HDD tray out to access the RaptorX cage you need a long thin Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you get one before planning the build, I would of liked to have seen a notice on the box to say this before I got all my equipment out ready.  Apart from that it was business as usual from Silverstone, a superb designed chassis, that not only looks good, it is good and again second to none.

With the Western Digital RaptorX in place it looks stylish and when in use the drives window really gives it the wow factor, you should see my mates (friends) faces when they see this, followed by the quote “wow that looks amazing” you could argue that without the Western Digital RaptorX it would look out of place, but my reply would be get the CW01 vanilla version without the window.