Microsoft Explains Xbox 360 IPTV In Detail

Some handy videos for those of you that hate to read, basically offering some details about the Xbox360 & the teases we've seen about IPTV within it.  Confused about what this IPTV stuff is supposed to be? Then watch these two videos, from Microsoft execs Chris Satchell and Albert Penello break it down and walk us through the interface. […]

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Miglia TVMini HD+

I noticed Gizmodo had a story up that will impact our Mac Media Center users. Miglia has come out with a new USB tuner that supports analog Cable, ATSC broadcast and QAM cable. Priced at $218 dollars, it may seem a tad expensive but it does come bundled with EyeTV. Has anyone had experience with EyeTV? If so, post it […]

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Sharp XV-Z21000 1080p DLP Digital Projector


For $12,000, this thing better blow you away. Luckily….it does! The Sharp XV-Z21000 has one of the best pictures I've seen in a consumer projector. The projector is sharp, feature laden, robust, and quiet. It has medium brightness (1,000 ANSI lumens), and should work well in most applications.     Read the rest here. 

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Open Season Blu-Ray Review

Still trying to decide which DVD format wins the war? Maybe this review on Open Season will help you decide (probably not, but worth a shot) 😛  A direct-to-digital conversion, the image looks perfect. Unlike many recent all-CGI animated films, which often employ digital tweaks to look more "film-like" (fake grain, blurred out backgrounds, etc.), 'Open Season' doesn't bother with […]

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AT&T to Ramp up IPTV Deployment

IPTV is a great thing and will hopefully just make the quality of entertainment that much better since there will finally be a true alternative to standard forced content. The key is just to increase the market that can obtain it, which for now is quite limited. At AT&T's fourth quarter earnings call today, chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre provided […]

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Time Warner Runs Out Of HD DVRs

Wow, thank god we have so many alternatives to the cable co's own boxes….oh….what's that? The only alternative is an $800 TiVo? Really…hrmmm…..interesting.  NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse (New York) posted a story that said Time Warner had no more HD DVR boxes for customers. Apparently, there’s a shortage of HD DVRs because the company that makes the boxes have been […]

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DVD Region Codes – What You Need To Know

If you've ever traveled to Europe & saw a great price on a DVD and bought it, only to be upset that it doesn't work on your DVD Player, then I guess you've never heard of Regions–That thing created strictly to make more money for movie studios. And you wonder why people pirate. The geographical regions are as follows: REGION […]

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Sharp Aquos LC-52D62U 52-inch LCD HDTV


Looks like this one's a winner. It is a mighty slick looking TV, and it costs around $4000, fyi. The first thing I noticed was the Sharp's stunning picture detail — a quality that came across dramatically on the big 52-inch screen. Watching an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in high-def, I could make out the rough texture […]

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Windows Vista Sports Lounge Quick Review


  Vista is around the corner, and the question everyone has is: Why bother? Well, I won't go in all that, but I will be covering one of the best new features I've found within this new Vista Media Center edition–Fox Sports Lounge for Vista MCE. If you're interested in sports, this application was designed with you in mind, and […]

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