Miglia TVMini HD+

I noticed Gizmodo had a story up that will impact our Mac Media Center users. Miglia has come out with a new USB tuner that supports analog Cable, ATSC broadcast and QAM cable. Priced at $218 dollars, it may seem a tad expensive but it does come bundled with EyeTV. Has anyone had experience with EyeTV? If so, post it in the comments.

Product Page:

Benefit from all of the Digital Video Recorder features: Watch, pause, rewind and record live TV, schedule future recordings, consult the integrated electronic programming guide to find the shows you love, edit recorded clips to remove boring adverts and so much more! You can even burn your favourite shows on to DVD.

A fully featured remote control, specially designed to access all the functions of TVMini HD+ is included free of charge in the package – No need to buy anything separately or you can use your Apple remote.

Designed exclusively for your Mac, TVMini HD+ integrates seamlessly with your computer and brings your TV viewing to a whole new level.