Which Movie Download Site Is Best?

ExtremeTech tackles (or…well, kinda avoids) answering the question of which Movie (legal) site is the best. They go through the top 5 & see how they perform for an average user, but in the end basically don't make a decision as which is best, seeing the limitations more on the technology & implementation rather than on any individual method. Sure […]

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Shuttle launches second-gen mini PC


Shuttle made a name for themselves with their small form factor, and they've upgraded last years version of the super small form (about the size of a paper). With a Core Duo & a tuner, this could be a great HTPC if space is a problem. Price comes in around $1000-1300. The XPC Mini X200 incorporates an Intel 945GM-based mobo […]

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LG teams up with Sega to promote Full HD

Probably not a terrible idea, having seen some game graphics in HD on my 360, Video Games can make it look absolutely gorgeous. Not a terrible idea to showoff all the colors & quality of the display. LG has signed a co-promotion deal with video games company Sega. The contract allows LG to promote its upcoming range of Full HD […]

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DisplayPort to support HDCP, too

Yet another cable standard to further confuse the average user. This one 10.8gbits/second, and of course has all the copy protection fun you love from HDCP.  But the real news here is that the chips will support the DisplayPort 1.1 spec which was proposed in November and should be finalized by VESA in early 2007. The modified spec brings support […]

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4th-Gen MediaREADY MC Media Center


Other than this being the 4th generation of "MediaREADY" Media Center systems, I'm not really sure what else stands out about them. At a price point of $899 though, it's not exactly a system that'll blow you away. Here are the specs: SPECS – Core Silicon – Intel 2.8GHz Processor – Video Decoder – Hardware Video Compression Decoder – Memory […]

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Olevia 747i LCD 1080p Television


At $5000, the Olevia 47" LCD is not cheap, but then again, how many TV's come with 2 HD Tuners built-in? And it seems like it comes with plenty else, although still has the same drawbacks as any other LCD, so keep that in mind as you consider between a plasma & an LCD. The Olevia is not without flaw. […]

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Ace First with Dual-Player MCE, Company Says


So did Vidabox lie saying they were the first? I don't think it's a big deal, but they do enough to make it public knowledge. Either way, both build some nice systems, although it's fun reading a quote on this page saying that Ace systems start at $1,000, and go up to as high as $70,000!!! CE Pro has reported […]

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Pioneer PDP-5000EX 50″ 1080p Plasma


With an MSRP of $10,000, this is definitely drool-worthy, and maybe overkill. But then again, I'm sure prices will come down as more manufacturers release more 1080p plasmas. When would you need full HD on a 50" plasma? Well, to put it bluntly: when you want to sit up REALLY close and really see every detail. If you're planning on […]

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