Tip Of The Day: Streaming DVDs To Your Xbox 360

Today’s tip of the day comes from our very own forum member, codacoda. Being the extremely patient man he is, he has developed a relatively simple process to enable streaming of DVDs from your MCE server to your Xbox 360. I am not sure I would want to do this with 300 + DVDs but its a solution that will work.

Read the process here:

Like many of you, I’ve tried hard to find a solution for playing my DVD’s on my XBOX 360 (Being used as an MCX. I’ve ripped them to WMV 1920 X 1080, which on a decent PC can take 30+ hours, 1280 X 720 wasn’t much faster. I’ve played around with Transcode 360 and was never happy with the syncronization of audio and video. And on and on.

I have now ripped 50 of my DVD’s this way and have had 100% success with absolutly no problems. Here it is.

You will need the following programs: All have free trials, so you can check this out without paying a cent.

AnyDVD and CloneDVDMobile from Slysoft.com. AnyDVD to get around copy protection and CloneDVDMobile to rip the DVD into a single VOB file. (There are other programs that do the same thing, but these are what I use.)



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