Which Movie Download Site Is Best?

ExtremeTech tackles (or…well, kinda avoids) answering the question of which Movie (legal) site is the best. They go through the top 5 & see how they perform for an average user, but in the end basically don't make a decision as which is best, seeing the limitations more on the technology & implementation rather than on any individual method.

Sure these services will save you a trip to the local video store or a wait for DVDs in the mail, but downloading a movie will take at least an hour—chances are you could get a DVD at the local video store faster. The selection of movies and picture quality isn't yet near what you get with Netflix or the brick-and-mortar video rental store. The average bitrate for a DVD is 5Mb/sec, compared with the best bitrate found in these services, Movielink's 1.3Mb/sec; most of the others were much lower.  

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