LG DN191H Upconverting DVD/DivX Player Hands-On


I know I preach over & over again how your HTPC can be used as your one-stop upconverter, but figured this was worth a news posting for those sans-HTPC, since it does only cost $80, not a bad deal.   On our test 46-inch DLP set, the upconverted DVDs looked noticeably better than standard DVDs, as you'd expect. However, even […]

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Silverstone LC09 mini-ITX Case Review


I gotta be honest, I'm surprised to see another remake of this style of case from Silverstone. I remember the first LC05, and while it was a cool design, I don't remember seeing much buzz around it, nor anyone using it. Well, nonetheless, they've made some nice improvements to it & marked it with the cool name, LC09….just rolls off […]

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Gigabyte H663 Home Entertainment System


New year's starting off with some nice new reviews. Tweaktown has up the Gigabyte AVPC Center HTPC system, which I honestly can't decide if I like the look of it. One thing's for sure, it doesn't look like a computer, which is always a positive for WAF. So how does it stack up as an actual Media Center? The H663 […]

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Zalman’s HD135 HTPC Case Review


Ok, so my first take on this somehow ended up blank. Anyhow, Zalman really falters on this case with so many vents & fans. It's a shame, as the aesthetics of the case are great, I personally really like the design & style, but you just can't release an HTPC case that clocks in at almost 40db!! The HD135 is […]

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TivoDecode Manager hits 2.0

This is the great thing about the TiVo, is even with all their innovations, the community around it helps & provides the rest while everyone waits for an official Mac software from the company. TiVoDecode Manager 2.0 features the following updates: On the fly MPEG4 encoding is supported on both Intel and PowerPC processors New option to automatically add MPEG4 […]

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Interesting Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Comparison

Think there's a discernible difference between the two new DVD formats? Well, this is only the first of I'm sure many articles concerning this as more players come out & prices go down. Tek Jansen of Games Central has posted an interesting screen-shot and interactivity comparison of Blu-ray and HD DVD. Tek has grabbed screen captures from several different titles […]

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939 HSF To AM2 Socket Adapter


    While purchasing parts for my latest MythTV frontend client, I ran into a dilemma.  I wanted to take advantage of the upgrade path that an AMD socket AM2 system would provide, but I also really liked the performance of my tried and true Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu heat sink fan.  Unfortunately, this fan is not directly compatible with the AM2 socket.  […]

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Home Theater Connector and Connection Gallery

I have helped more then one or two people get setup with their new gadgets this holiday season. If you confused by the myriad of connectors available, check out About.com's summary of what is available. If you need further help, feel free to post in the forums, there is a great crew here ready to help. Click here for the […]

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